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Élan Med Spa offers other neuromodulators such as XEOMIN® to relax your lines and wrinkles using the best quality products on the cosmetic market. XEOMIN® safely and effectively relaxes your appearance without looking as though you have “had work done.”

Élan Med Spa is led by board-certified physician assistant Mary Lee Cudd. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our medical team, and we will figure out if you are a good candidate for XEOMIN® injections in Fayetteville, NC.

What are XEOMIN® Injections?

XEOMIN® is derived from the same botulinum toxin as BOTOX®, but the difference between these two products is in the manufacturing process. XEOMIN® is made through a unique process that isolates the therapeutic component, removing the accessory proteins that do not provide a direct benefit to the patient.

When injected directly into facial muscles with an ultrafine needle, XEOMIN® blocks the release of chemical signals and temporarily relaxes the area, preventing the underlying muscle activity that contributes to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This creates a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance that subtly restores youthful, smooth skin.

Why Choose XEOMIN®?

Mary Lee has 15 years of experience successfully treating aging skin and migraine patients with neuromodulators, ensuring that we will choose the best option for your individual condition. During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns and evaluate your unique needs, then create a treatment plan that is best suited for your desired results.

At Élan Med Spa, we are focused on helping you look your best with results that maintain your normal facial expressions and gently enhance your existing facial features..

Our XEOMIN® injections will never make you look fake or exaggerated, and our injections are always administered with your safety and comfort in mind.

*Actual patients and models are used throughout this website. Individual results may vary depending on many factors. Not all patients will achieve the same results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When administered by our medical professionals, the risk of major side effects from XEOMIN® is significantly reduced. Some side effects include slight bruising, swelling, and redness at injection sites but should subside shortly after treatment. It is often advised to avoid rubbing or massaging treated areas, as the botulinum toxin can potentially cause facial drooping or weakness if spread from treated areas. Please do not receive XEOMIN® injections outside of a medical setting, as the incorrect dosages or injection technique can cause serious health consequences.

Results may vary, but as part of regular treatment and a good skincare regimen, your smoother, rejuvenated skin can be maintained over the long term. Contact Élan Med Spa today to schedule a consultation and find out how XEOMIN® injections can safely and effectively reverse your visible signs of aging.