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Belllafill, Xeomin

“I’m not much for reviews, but the magic Mary Lee works is worth the time it takes to write one. And I want to write one that will actually do justice to the work she does: my goal is for anyone who reads my review and is contemplating injections…for that person to be convinced that Elan Med Spa is the place to go. Save yourself the time of additional consults with people who couldn’t possibly do better work, and make an appointment with Mary Lee.

The best service you can do for yourself — regardless of whether your budget for facial rejuvenation is fixed or unlimited — is to simply ask Mary Lee, “What would you do for my face?” She doesn’t sugar-coat things and will tell you what improvements she can make, and even will tell you if your goals are not realistic and/or would require surgical intervention (as opposed to fillers and neurotoxins). I appreciate her candor, and her ability to match my facial flaws with the tools she has in her toolbox to minimize/eliminate said flaws.

Her skill level and artistic eye are masterful and unparalleled. Some people get caught up on MD vs PA/NP, but let me tell you — the results I have seen on my face are ones many a medical doctor would love to claim as their own.

Mary Lee has decades of medical experience and is incredibly educated about the products she uses. If you show an interest, she will happily share with you the nitty-gritty details (about research, the science behind the products, why she would use one product vs another in a certain area, etc.).

Time is my most valuable resource. I have a tight schedule and find it difficult to miss work for an appointment. Mary Lee has been very gracious and accommodating and always makes time for me.

Additionally — despite my desire to get a perfect “final result” as quickly as possibly because of my own packed schedule — Mary Lee never pressures or tries for an “upsell.” I think that is a fear (and a legitimate one) of many patients who seek cosmetic procedures. The worry is that you go in for one thing and end up with other procedures you didn’t really need, and then you end up looking “done,” which is nothing anyone wants. What you want is simply to slow the aging process or undo some of the aspects of aging that have already happened — Mary Lee does these things. And she does so at a pace that coincides with her own comfort level, which is reassuring to me. I would rather have to make time for another appointment further down the road than to proceed with something that, out of my own ignorance concerning the longevity of the product, would give me longterm results that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Mary Lee actually did the reverse of an upsell — she encouraged me to wait and see how things look after a month or so, and then come back for more Bellafill if need be.

So far, I’ve addressed her character and knowledge level, but only briefly touched on what she actually did to my face and how that has translated, as far as results are concerned. I had Bellafill across my cheekbones (after having had Radiesse previously), and I’ve been seeing her for Xeomin between my eyebrows and on my forehead for almost 1 year. I am beyond pleased with how my face has been transformed. I don’t look like an alien creature or like another person — I simply look like myself 7 to 10 years ago. It is very much like having a decade erased from my face. I feel better about myself when I have to look in the mirror to brush my teeth, put on makeup, etc., and even though I’m always tired from my work, I at least don’t look like it anymore!

One of the worst mistakes I made was having a knee-jerk response to some nasolabial folds…They were beginning to appear, but one morning I woke up and it was as though they had become 500% worse overnight. Out of convenience (I had a dermatology appointment somewhere else and was already at that practice), I allowed someone else to inject me. In the process, I was talked into (i.e. “the upsell”) doing a little something for my tear troughs. I will never again let anyone else touch my face. This provider’s skill level was not the same as Mary Lee’s, as was evidenced by product selection and placement. I am not saying this to slam the other provider — the results weren’t completely awful. I am simply highlighting the fact that you can settle for “adequate,” or you can plan wisely and have “excellence” in the form of Mary Lee’s mastery as an injector. (By the way, in my last visit to Mary Lee, she somehow managed to lessen the negative appearance of what the other provider did. So you can add “cleaning up other people’s spilled milk” to her list of professional attributes.)

I simply cannot stress how pleased I have been with Mary Lee’s work. If a provider could have a groupie, I would be one. :-)” – E.L. 12/6/17