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Permanent Makeup in Fayetteville, NC

Permanent makeup is a process of placing pigment just under the epidermis of the skin in areas of the face where makeup is worn such as the eyebrows and lips. This is accomplished using sterile technique with a hand-held tool or a digital tattoo pen. 

Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort. Hair strokes are used in the eyebrows to create a very natural look. Permanent makeup lasts on average one to two years depending on individual factors. 

Did you know that the average woman spends 30 minutes a day putting makeup on and taking it off? That’s 182.5 hours a year or 7.6 days.

Permanent makeup placed on the eyebrow or eye liner saves a significant amount of time and will not wash away or smear if we jump into the pool! How great would it be to wake up in the morning with our eyes already “done”?!

Permanent makeup is not new, but the techniques and products have improved greatly over the last 10 years. New methods create a very natural look with as much or as little color desired. Professional classes help ensure proper training and strict health department regulations limit those who may legally perform this service. In Fayetteville, NC that would be at Elan Med Spa.

The procedure is done in an office equipped to set up a sterile field. All items used must be disposable. Pigment and instruments exclusively for permanent makeup are used and selected individually based on the client’s request. Topical numb cream is used to minimize discomfort. The process of micropigmentation usually takes only 15-20 minutes.

The most common areas treated are eye liner, eyebrow, and lip liner. The average time that color will remain in the skin is 1-2 years. One touch up is usually necessary 4-6 weeks after the first procedure and is normally included in the initial fee.

Women with light colored hair, those who’s brows or lashes have become thin, as well as those who have difficulty seeing well enough to place eye color are excellent candidates for permanent makeup. A quick consultation with your provider can ensure that this procedure is right for you.

If the person performing your permanent makeup is not a licensed medical professional, ask to see their certification from the Department of Health. Be careful to choose only very clean environments and be sure that all items are sterile and disposable. They should also be able to produce a certificate of formal training in permanent makeup.

Head to the pool with no worries of black eyes or disappearing brows with our permanent makeup in Fayetteville, NC!

What could you do with an extra 7.6 days?

—Mary Lee Cudd, PA-C