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At Élan Med Spa, we feel blessed to have served such gracious and thankful patients. Featured on this page are some reviews from those wonderful individuals that we’ve had the pleasure to serve. If you happen to be one of those satisfied patients who have been nice enough to give us your time and trust, feel free to leave us your own review. We’d love to hear what you think! If you’re a new patient looking to see if we can help you reach your cosmetic goals, contact us in Fayetteville and schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal look.

Check Out Our Reviews!

“Excellent place!! The staff was incredibly friendly. The office was beautiful and clean,. It was my first experience and a great one. Mary Lee made sure I was fully educated on the product I was receiving. It’s been about two weeks now from the Xeomin injections, which did not hurt at all, and my results have been great! I will definitely be coming back.” -Lindsay 8/16/17

“In March of this year, I visited Elan Med Spa for permanent eyeliner. I am the biggest wimp when it comes to needles so never did I believe I would subject myself to this procedure voluntarily!! Mary Lee was so patient and reassuring with me, she is gentle and I did not feel a thing!! Her work is impeccable and I am returning this month to have additional services done. I am so comfortable with Mary Lee and her knowledgeable staff. I know that I will continue to frequent Elan Med Spa for any future visits and look forward to it. I love the permanent makeup, it has saved me so much time. Life is easier now that I don’t have to spend so much time on makeup and for that I am grateful. Thank you Elan Med Spa!!” – Pamela 7/28/17

“Very calm, professional experience, ….definitely the best Med Spa around….I never go anywhere else..Mary Lee Cudd is at the top of field. 5 STARS!” -K. Ice 6/16/17

“What wonderful staff. Mary will educate you and guide you. She is a true Artist. You will feel completely comfortable and reassured in their caring and professional environment.

Can’t say enough about all the lovely ladies that make a great team. So happy to find them. You must visit. You will not be disappointed.” – Polly 5/11/17

“I visited Elan MedSpa for Botox today. For both cosmetic and hopefully help with Migraine. I can’t say the effect on Migraine yet; however, I was very impressed with the quality and professionalism of both Mary and her staff. She made a point to educate me on Botox and to show me the batch of Botox she was using so I could be assured of what I was receiving. The procedure had very little pain, much less than what I have experienced from other providers and I see no evidence of bruising-again, a better experience than previous providers. I was very happy with my visit. I hope this helps my horrible and intractable headache.” – Mollie Nielsen 4/30/17

“I am so happy I found Élan Med Spa. This is such a professional office and the staff are outstanding. I had permanent make-up and love it. Waking up with my eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner already there sure does save time. Nothing could be better than waking up beautiful! Thank you Mary Lee Cudd for making me feel so comfortable while in your care. You are kind, caring and very skilled.” – Rosie 1/24/17

“Wow! I love my full cheeks! Thanks Mary Lee for Radiesse injections. Everyone is asking me what I have done, they say I look 10 years younger. I love the lift the injections gave to my face and the brightness. No pain, no bruising!” – NC 2/11/17

“In February of 2012, I was diagnosed with shingles across the right side of my chest. By May of 2013 the pain was extreme and unrelenting including “zaps” of jolting sharp pain that would take my breath. I had tried multiple medications that were not touching the pain. In September of 2013, I had a botox treatment by Mary Lee Cudd and in one week I felt amazing relief. After 3 weeks I had no noticeable pain and this continued for four months. I will definitely continue to drive 4 hours every 4-5 months to continue this innovative treatment.” – F.R. 12/9/16

“I have had Botox from several places before finding Mary Lee Cudd. Now I only go to her. I get better results, longer lasting results & far less pain for the same amount I was paying other places. She knows some secrets, I swear!” – K 11/9/16

“I have been a patient of Ms. Mary Lee Cudd for 2 years now. I think she is fantastic with Botox. Almost no pain, never had any bad reactions and always had great results. She is also a very kind thoughtful person. I will always look forward to my next appointment.” – SB 10/2/16